My name is Megan Karson and I am a photographer, a traveler, an artist, an entrepreneur, and a human. I currently live and work in Kansas City, Missouri.

     I believe that photography is one of the most important forms of documentation available to us, and that every single picture tells a story. I am an avid film user and prefer medium format black and white film to most anything else. Using film makes every single frame important and special. Working in the darkroom is not only incredibly rewarding, but therapeutic and nostalgic. 

     I travel because I have to. The open road is my home. The whole world is my backyard. Every travel experience I have is unique and life changing. Travel expands our knowledge of the world that surrounds us and brings us closer to the people and creatures that we share it with. Immersing ourselves in other cultures allows room in our hearts and our minds for a more sympathetic and compassionate relationship with all of humanity. Experiencing the majesty of the beautiful planet we inhabit can teach us to better protect it and to fight for its future. I believe that traveling is a hugely important thing we as humans can do for ourselves, each other, and the Earth. 

     Most of my education comes from real life experiences, but I have had some amazing teachers along the way as well. I spent my whole high school experience in a darkroom, learning everything I could about the medium. I also spent 3 years at a community college studying photography, sociology, and art history. 

     Aside from photography, I run my own small business creating handmade toys from my illustrations. Monstrosity has been a fun way for me to share some of the crazy creatures I see in my mind by turning them into 3D soft sculptures that appeal to people of all ages. I have been able to partner with some really awesome little shops around the country as well as a few museums and galleries. You can find my work at: 

Leedy Voulkous Gallery, KCMO

Kemper Museum, KCMO

White Rabbit, Iowa City, IA

Tender Loving Empire, Portland, OR

Sparrow Collective, Milwaukee, WI

The Burlap Bag, Austin, TX

Essential Goods, Lawrence, KS

If you have any comments, questions, or anything at all, please feel free to contact me at